Welcome to the Python Data Science Class @ Precima

Python is a free, cutting-edge, extremely powerful and versatile programming language. It is widely used in web, application and mobile development, and is becoming one of the powerhouses of data science.

This 10-lesson course will give learners a background in Python syntax, methods and functions, and then introduce them to the current bleeding edge of data science tools.

The data science stack in Python consists of a number of modules, each of which will be introduced and explored in the course. We will cover a range of data import and export methods, NumPy and Pandas for data munging and vectorization, IPython and Jupyter for reproducible and powerful notebooks, matplotlib for graphing and visualization, and scikit-learn for machine learning, among others.

The course will be taught using Python 3.5 and the Anaconda Python distribution. There will be a combination of live coding and learner exercises, with notes and exercises being provided as Jupyter notebooks and on this website.


There are two streams for this course at Precima. Attendees have been assigned into a stream based on their (i) programming experience (ii) survey responses, and most importantly, (iii) relevance to their current role.

The difference between the streams is a mainly a difference in content (though the R&D stream requires both more programming experience and more of a time commitment). Both streams start with an introduction to Pythonic syntax, before diverging on subject matter. Specifically:


Materials for both sections will be available online for everyone.

The Applied Statistics section will be held on Wednesdays, from 2:30-4:00PM EST. The first class is February 10th.

The R&D section will be held on Mondays, from 1:00-2:30PM EST. Since Feb 15th is a holiday, the first class is Tuesday, February 16th.

Whenever possible, classes will be held in the Ontario room on the 6th floor of 438 University (but please check “Syllabus and Logistics” in your stream for exact room assignments on exact dates).

Finally, in order to participate and comment on the posts in your stream, you must create an account here using disqus. Please be aware this is a publicly available website, do not post sensitive data or code.

For any concerns, comments or questions, please contact Fahd Husain at fhusain@precima.com

Happy Pythoning!